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Harry is extremely lucky to be supported by these amazing companies.

Manor Elite Horse Boxes

Manor Elite Horseboxes are a producer of top quality and bespoke horseboxes in the UK and internationally.

They build bespoke boxes to suit all budgets and needs from 3.5 horseboxes to 26 tonne lorries.

Manor Elite offered to build Harry a bespoke box as he was struggling to find something suitable for away shows and have the payload needed as Frank is so big. The box they built was perfect and is everything Harry and Frank need.

Manor Elite also offered Harry an amazing sponsorship deal which included financial support to help him progress and compete nationally and hopefully internationally.

Tyler's Hoof Products

Tyler’s hoof products are a family run business based in Berkswell Warwickshire. Aron Tyler is UK based farrier with over 15 years’ experience – he has created unique combination of natural ingredients specifically chosen to promote growth, health, elasticity, feeds and nourishes the hoof.

Tyler’s hoof products started to sponsor Harry in February 2021 and provide Harry and Frank with their full range of amazing products to keep Frank’s feet and hooves in the best possible condition and #PoweredByTylers.

Royal Equestrian Bedding

Royal Equestrian Bedding are suppliers of high quality, highly absorbent, crushed pellet-based horse bedding that is quick and easy to use.

The structure of Royal Equestrian Bedding crushed pellets means that they don’t need to be watered, and they break down quickly under the weight of your horse’s hooves and body, to fluff-up into a deep, soft bed.

A single pallet of Royal Equestrian Bedding provides a 6-12 month supply of bedding for 1 horse, saving space and money in the process

Royal Equestrian Bedding started to sponsor Harry in September 2021 and provide all of Frank’s bedding for when they are competing.

Voltaire Design

Voltaire Design has fast emerged as the saddle brand of choice of many of the world’s leading riders across the full spectrum of equestrian disciplines.

Founded in 2010 Voltaire Design now produce two lines of saddles using the finest French craftsmanship and materials and innovation; the revolutionary Blue Infinite saddle, the world’s most technologically advanced saddle and the Elegance line of saddles.

The Elegance line offers eight saddles for dressage and jumping designed for the forwarded thinking rider who demands style and substance. In addition to the saddle lines Voltaire Design produce a range of exquisite accessories for horse and rider.

As Frank’s sire is Voltaire and his show name is Voltaire Quickstar (after both his lines), there really was no other saddle of choice for him apart from Voltaire.

Harry was extremely lucky to be made a supported rider by Voltaire in January 2022.

Voltaire have area representatives who are dedicated to help you choose the best saddle for you and your horse. If you are based in the South East contact Jessica Cross using the links below.

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