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Harry is a 15 year old show jumper based in East Kent. He started competing at local unaffilated level on borrowed ponies in spring 2020. Talented but very tall, Harry had outgrown all the ponies he could use by July 2020.

The family acquired the very experienced 16hh Mia on loan to give Harry some affiliated experience. Mia had been-there-and-done-that, competing at all the major novice championships, so she was an ideal starter horse.

Unfortunately he grew out of Mia much faster than anticipated and in and in March 2021, Mia was retired to enjoy her days relaxing in a 15 acre field.

In December 2020 the family got their first horse a then 7 year old 17hh Voltaires Quick Star, who is affectionally known as Frank.

Frank was bred at the infamous old stud lodge and comes from the Voltaire Quickstar line which includes successful Olympic horses, such as Nick Skelton’s Big Star.

Sadly it was discovered that Frank suffered from Atrial fibrillation with his heart beated backwards. Frank underwent an operation to try and reverse his heart but sadly this was unsuccessful which meant Frank would never be able to fly or make an Olympic team and therefore, he he was sadly sold as an unbroken 6 year old. 

Frank spent the next year with a lovely family who started off his training, but due to circumstances, he was then sold on just over a year later. Frank then spent six months in his new home where his potential talent and scope was clear to see (Frank cleared a 1.80 jump with ease and with room to spare) before once again, he was offered for sale. 

This came at exactly the right time as Harry needed a horse that had the ability to take him through the ranks and was big enough for the ever growing young teenager.

With both horse and rider being so inexperienced the last year and a half has been full of learning curves and a lot training. It’s been a lot of hard work for the team going back to basics which has not always been easy but they have had some amazing highlights becoming part of the Kent Team and winning the teams intermediate Amateur National British Showjumping Championships after only being together for 8 months.

Harry and Frank are a partnership for life with the family vowing never to sell him on, Frank has finally found his forever home and Harry has a horse that could help him reach all his goals and dreams in showjumping 

With Frank’s endless ability and  hunger to succeed they are an exciting pair to watch.

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